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Advocacy Campaigns


Walk a Week in Your Shoes | Celebrating Strong Families

January 2010 - January 2012. The Walk started as the Coalition's inaugural primary prevention campaign to promote positive parenting principles and healthy family interactions that stave off child maltreatment. By featuring the stories of everyday families overcoming common challenges in today's society, the Walk aimed to put practical solutions from families who use them into the hands of families who may find them useful. However, we uncovered a shocking problem. While investigating the needs of families experiencing homelessness, we discovered abusive and discriminatory practices by shelter staff and private agencies.  Learn more >>

New Civil Rights Movement: Equal Treatment for the Homeless

January 2012 - January 2014. Our Walk a Week in Your Shoes campaign uncovered some disturbing practices. People experiencing homelessness are often subjected to discrimination by private agencies and emotional, mental, and spiritual abuse by staff in social service organizations. The New Civil Rights Movement campaign aims to have our proposed Bill of Rights for the Homeless instituted in all 50 states to prevent such abuses. Learn more >>

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