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Collaborative Action Research

The Coalition supports scholarly research and evaluations in the area of organizational psychology. In an effort to promote the most effective and efficient programs that help build strong families, we invite all Core Members, Affiliates, and Ambassadors to submit proposals for studies of their new, established, or proposed social service programs.
Power in Homeless Shelter Staff-Client Interactions

Providence, Rhode Island (October 2010 - May 2011)
Homelessness is a social issue of immediate concern during the down economy. The prevailing problem was that homeless shelter staff and security personnel subjected clients to abuse, harassment, and intimidation—as defined in the state’s legal statutes—as a course of conduct. This critical, ethnographic study followed the lived experiences of nine women experiencing first-time homelessness via covert participant observation. 
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Increasing the Academic and Occupational Expectations of
African American Male Probationers

This Action Research Proposal investigates the problem of African American males being overrepresented in prison and underrepresented in college. The proposal includes a profile of the investigator and the selected community; a description and documentation of the problem; an extensive literature review of related research; and an analysis of expected outcomes using theoretical (not real-world) data. Study outcomes will impact primary and secondary education; community corrections and supervision departments; and the community at large. 

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