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Core Members

A small group of business leaders whose services are built upon the values of love, faith, and acceptance merge their diverse community giving pursuits and passions into one combined effort to expand opportunities for families and communities.

Sapphire Jule King, MAEd - Founder & President

Ms. King's tireless dedication to healing and protecting childrenincluding the unhealed child within the adult—stems from her own personal journey. As a child and teenager, the native Houstonian was sexually abused by family friends. Misplaced feelings of shame and guilt led her to keep the abuse a secret from her family for 27 years. Alcoholism, suicide attempts, and strained relations with her family ensued as a direct result of her silence. Nonetheless, Ms. King persevered through these personal struggles to earn a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering in 2000. After accepting an R&D position in Phoenix and developing a new connection with Spirit, Ms. King literally began to rise from the ashes of her past. God now stands as her ultimate guide and source of strength for maintaining more than eleven years of sobriety, rebuilding her relationship with her family, and answering a higher calling to end child abuse by strengthening families. Ms. King is CEO of King Triune Groupwhich includes Aurora Consulting, Shalom Healing Homes, and International Freedom Coalition.


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